Common Problems Managing Your Own IT Systems

Contemporary businesses are heavily depended on IT systems. Even traditional businesses that did not rely much on computing technology are now switching to digital interfaces, virtual environments and using the cloud. Depending on the needs of a business, a company can choose to have its own IT infrastructure or it can outsource. Outsourcing can be partial or complete and it can be onsite or offsite. Then there is the choice between outsourcing to an IT company within the country and offshoring. Managing your own IT systems will have some advantages but they are far outweighed by the challenges. Here are the common problems managing your own IT support.


  • The first major challenge is the initial investment. The upfront costs will be staggering for any company that doesn’t focus solely on information technology or doesn’t have the core of its business depend on the IT setup. Many companies use IT systems in a complementary role. The various IT infrastructures tend to facilitate the primary area of the business. In such cases, spending a small fortune is certainly not desirable or realistic for companies. Instead, outsourcing or even offshoring makes more sense. The upfront costs are almost nullified.
  • The biggest challenge in running IT systems on your own is the relentless support you would need. Any component in the entire IT infrastructure can go down any moment or can go kaput from time to time. You would need a fulltime employee and more than one employee in most cases to attend to the upkeep of the systems. You will need to hire an expert which will add to your overhead costs. You will have to monitor the performance of that expert which is a little complicated unless you happen to be an IT expert yourself. With an increase in number of employees and rise in operating costs, you may still fail to have the contingency and redundancy plans in place. This is where running or managing your own IT systems doesn’t make much sense.
  • Another major problem lies in scaling up. When you run a business, you cannot always preempt what you may need. You might need more IT systems in place and you may have very little time. IT outsourcing or even offshoring will give you the opportunity to scale up and down anytime you want.

The best way forward is to hire an IT support company and pay for perennial real time support.

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