Contentmart Review | Is it Worth it $$$

Contentmart is a pretty genuine and effective site and a virtual content market. It’s  some of the marvelous features are  : choosing your freelancer writers according to quality and price and chatting feature that  allows to directly message the web content copywriters and explain them your project directly. different available writing categories for freelancer writers in India are:

  1. Copywriting/Web content
  2. SEO Content
  3. Articles and Blog writing
  4. Testimonials
  5. Product descriptions
  6. Press release
  7. Editing and proofreading

Is the amount made on Contentmart worth it?

This site provides a digital platform for freelance writers, copywriters and content writers in India to nurture their passion for money, to show their talents. This is a reliable platform for both freelance writers as well as for clients. But the main question arise is “is the amount paid on Contentmart worth it?”  its answer differs from people. A new writer on this website takes weeks before he or she could be awarded their first writing work. But as time goes on working profile builds up and Contentmart turns as best working platform.

90% of the writing jobs out there pay about Rs. 40-80 per page (read 500). These articles require considerable research as well. In beginning if you work at neck-break speed, it would take an hour or so to write an article. So, is ₹60 per hour worth it?It’s up to you to decide. You can either write for 1000-2500₹ per page (for small and medium sized businesses) or 50-100₹ (sites like content Mart/ Freelancer). The choice is yours.

When I first visited this website. I got the impression “this website cannot help me to get content for a good earning “, as I don’t want to depend on the low earning platform but I thought to give it a try for a while and as turned out “wow, a super platform”. once your profile gets established, return of money is astonishing.for client this is worth site to try because all web content copywriters here are verified by contentmart itself using tests and methods. So in return of your invested money here you will get killer content with fully ingenuity.

Final words

So based on my personal experience I can say it full transparent system which is not available in other freelance platforms. Every content writer in India or freelancer writers in India should try this website because content writing jobs available here are completely verified. If I talk about client’s perspective then all freelancer writers or web content copywriters in contentmart go through a screening process and test before starting writing work here. Which ensure delivery of quality content to you? So I must say its worth to try

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